The main entrance to Tivoli Gardens.
Ornate details at the entrance.
Danish flags.
The promenade deserted.
The main promenade.
The park was founded by Georg Carstensen in 1843.
The park has its famed reputation for a reason.
It's definitely a park you should aim to visit to visit at least from late afternoon, to see the transition from day to night and the spectacular amount of illumination.
The Glass Hall (Glassalen)
Tivoli Lake reflections.
Daemonen dragon lantern.
Himmelskibet by night.
Plænen and the Nimb.
Tivoli Fountain Night.
Tivoli Fountain Day.
Fru Nimb restaurant opening out onto the lawns.
The "Moorish Palace" contains the Nimb hotel and restaurants.
The Plænen open air stage.
The Pantomime Theatre.