Kennywood Fountains.
The group picnic area.
The mushroom fountain, with Johnny Rockets behind.
Looking north west from near the merry go round.
Looking north west from Grand Prix.
Looking south east from near Ghostwood Estate.
The park is built on a bluff, overlooking the Edgar Thomson Steelworks, the Braddock Locks and the Molongahela River.
...And old guys in their Corvettes.
An interesting parade appeared during our visit, featuring this brass band....
Some sort of circus performance.
Pagoda Hot
Skill Games
Wafels and Dinges.
A guest relations and locker building near the entrance.
Kennywood park map.
Historic amusement park charm.
All is soon forgiven when you arrive at these lovely gardens.
It's not the best entry to be fair.
A ramp leads to an underpass.