South Coast, Australia
Location in Australia
The Perfect Storm combines two Tornado 24 elements with the larger Tornado 60 funnel. The ride will feature extensive lighting effects in these enclosed funnels.
Concept art of 'Banjo's Billabong'.
The Perfect Storm (left) features smaller Tornado 24 elements in addition to the fullsized Tornado 60.
3D projections of the The Perfect Storm (left) and Funnel Web (right) slides from manufacturer ProSlide.
Lush landscaping.
An overview of the future Kangaroo Island area
The park has it's 10 year "Kangaroo Island" expansion plans on display.
Outback bay also features a small pocket of shallow water with shading and water toys for young kids.
A nice little photo op.
The first attraction guests encounter at Jamberoo is the Outback Bay wave pool.
Older kids didn't seem to mind it either.
Banjos Billabong is an expansive kids water play structure.
An out of the way location can mean very short queues at times.