The Parkz Update: Fire Machine lights up Dreamworld

Dreamworld's Fire Machine show comes to Dreamworld with extended trading that sees the park offer a full 12 hours of rides and entertainment throughout the summer. We take a look at everything Dreamworld has to offer this summer – and a few things that still remain closed.

Image: Parkz. Fire Machine offers a nightly spectacle and open to all at no additional charge.
Continuing our theme of largely meaningless car park photos, here's Dreamworld's at midday. Best guess is 60-70% full.
The Lego Store gets a sensibly sized logo that would make branding experts happy, but clients scream, "Can you make it bigger???"
As work continues on the reconfigured exit point for the park, Dreamworld have neatly placed this temporary stall in front of the construction fencing.
Dreamworld gets in early for Christmas 2017!
Wipeout remains one of the final rides still closed. As one of the park's oldest and most complex rides it's not too surprising.
The surfboards – which were completely refurbished a few years ago but weathered quickly – remain missing.
The Claw reopens and fills Ocean Parade with some sorely missing screams.
Buzzsaw reopens. Its station has been slightly reconfigured in light of findings from the Qld Government's theme park safety blitz.
Our first time ever experiencing Motocoaster at night. The industrial hi-bay lights in Motocoaster's queue might be an attempt at theming, but it really cheapens the night experience on the ride.
Nothing says world-class theme park quite like warehouse lighting. "But it's themed to a racing pit-stop!" you tell us. Nicely justified!
Pandamonium reopens. Stomachs churn.
Still unceremoniously fenced off, yet still listed on the list of rides. Dreamworld really seem to be playing it safe with this will-they-won't-they reopen decision.
The Vintage Cars were quietly shuttered at the back of the park.
Kangaroos chill at Dreamworld Corroboree.
As ubiquitous as its namesake tigers is Tiger Island's manager Patrick Martin-Vegue. With the exhibit since inception in 1995, he's almost always on hand to answer questions.
The old lion exhibit is now back in use as another tiger enclosure. It's not quite at the same level as the rest of Tiger Island but it gives yet another vantage point to see tigers and means they can have more on display.
Some improvements in recent weeks have seen the show at Tiger Island really start to find its voice with the addition of a host and props to take a more narrative-based approach. With time this show could start to rival Sea World's polished animal shows.
The construction work continues, but the fenced off area doesn't look like it'll house anything significant.
The area was once roughly the nursery for newborn tiger cubs but remains a cleared patch of land with no significant foundations or infrastructure yet to be seen.
It also features this reasonably well-built pathway snaking up behind the train track that looks a step up from your average back-of-house service road.
A year ago we were praising the quality of this temporary exhibit. Now that it's served its purpose as a stopgap during the Tiger Island it's largely vacant save for the occasional display of dingoes or other creatures from Dreamworld Corroboree.
The Dreamtones put on regular shows throughout the day. It's a great touch but performing the exact same show almost hourly through a pretty terrible PA system makes it just a little grating for anyone sitting and enjoying a meal or drink in the area for an extended period.
Fire Machine dominates the Main Street fountain.
The Dreamworld Dye-Sublimation Dancers™ (our name) offer some choreographed entertainment in the hours leading up to sunset.
Darkness descends as crowds brace for Fire Machine.
Like most shows, Fire Machine makes use of the surrounding buildings and the permanent AV equipment installed for these shows.
Fire... who'd have thought...?

The new Fire Machine show is a short and sharp 10 minute show, which is all a show like this needs to be to cap off a long day at Dreamworld. Short enough that the effects never get tiring and the crowd never gets restless.

The show is worth a look as an experience included with all tickets, passes and memberships. It's icing on the cake for an overall generous theme park experience that Dreamworld is offering this summer.

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