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2000's Millennium Force is routinely voted as one of the world's best steel roller coasters.
The 92m (301ft) WindSeeker opened at Cedar Point in 2011. Throughout 2011 and 2012 Cedar Fair also opened identical rides at several of its other theme parks.
GateKeeper is a Wing Coaster from B&M.
At the time of its opening in 1993, Snake River Falls was the world's tallest, fastest and steepest water ride.
Coast Rider is a Mack wild mouse coaster that sits where Perilous Plunge once operated.
The combined vertical loop and top hat.
At the peak of the top hat.
Trim brakes are found extensively on the ride's course.
The top hat comes after the ride's third LSM launch.
Full Throttle's main claim to fame is its record-breaking 49m (160ft) vertical loop, which also features a top hat on its outside that riders pass over later in the course.
Each train holds 18 riders.
The ride's second inversion is a Dive Loop.
Full Throttle is a launched coaster built by Premier Rides.
Riders coming into the brake fins
The 2nd inversion in the ride is a dive loop.
Full Throttle features the only example of roller coaster track where trains traverse both sides.
GateKeeper features an impressive giant flat spin (corkscrew).