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One of the three rides added to the park through the H20 extreme zone expansion
The first part of the ride involves going through an enclosed slide, shooting out into the cone
When the riders are shot into the cone they fly straight up the wall opposite, the weight of the riders affects the height achived
The riders continue to go up and down opposite sides of the cone untill just before the final drop
Just before the final drop
One of the downsides of the Tornado is that guests have to carry the rafts up the stairs themselves
The splash down pool
The steel structure support for the Tornado
One of the three rides found in the H20 Zone. You ride in pitch black darkness
The splashdown area of the ride
One of the attractions found in the H20 Zone at Wet 'n' Wild
One of the attractions found in the H20 Zone at Wet \'n\' Wild
Twister is found inbetween Speedcoaster and Super 8 Aqua Racer
The two slides twist around each other, hence the name
Race 7 of your friends or randoms at Super 8 Aqua Racer with themeing such as lights and a scoreboard telling you which position you came.
The four main attractions that reside on White Water Mountain
The 4 new bodyslides built in late 2007
The Hut on top of White Water Mountain is home to the start of all four body slides and upstairs is the start of Terror Canyon 1 & 2
The end of Terror Canyon 1 (left) and 2 (right). Of Note, at this stage only Terror Canyon 1 takes ride photography.