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2009 campaign Decoration
What will you celebrate? Decoration outside Resort complex on Harbour Blv

The new front entrance to the show looks very sleek in real life.

Note the 7-11 bag in the bottom corner.

Parts of the roof are still yet to be completed.

The roof creates a very studio like look for the street.

The area as seen from near WB Kids Land. The control room has been taken down as it is expected to move to a more central location where it has a better view of the arena.

The entrance is expected to be redesigned to suit the theme of the new show.

Construction on the new stunt show is moving along nicely, with the project reportedly going along ahead of schedule.

The bulk of the set is expected to start construction over coming months.

The main courtyard area.

Each pole has four branches which will allow hold up the roof structure.

More support poles in Main Street.

Much of the work is being completed at night to minimise disruption to the park's paying guests.