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A height limit of 120cm means adventurous kids as young as 7 can ride.
These make for impressive spectator rides.
The timber look decking on the dropping floor in the loading area looks great too.
The animal skin on the control booth is an interesting touch.
Like most Adventure World thrill rides, they've stuck with the theme of beasts and demons.
Australia is somewhat unique in terms of doing some pretty elaborate theming on the structures of flat rides, and Goliath is no exception.
What sets this one apart is lap bar restraints that offer a greater feeling of freedom to the OTSRs used on the Claw at Dreamworld.
A guest relaxation area at Hippo Beach.
With only one how a day it pays to be early for the Serval Cat presentation. Doors are locked as the show starts.
Meerkat Cafe is located near the front of the park.
The Pula Reserve Trail makes up the bulk of the park.
Fortunately the older cramped minibuses are no longer in use.
The zoo tram is the only way to see the open range part of the park.
Ornate creatures at park entrance.
In the South west of Melbourne is the well presented Werribee Open Range Zoo.