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The building which houses the rider storage shelves has been repainted.
One of the biggest changes to the area is that the fence line has been moved closer to the ride. In addition to spectators get a closer look, it also means the park no longer needs to clean and maintain the sandy beach that once occupied this space.
The train traveling through the coaster's 'sidewinder' inversion.
The stations is well themed with a spinning saw on the car park side.
The track towers over 40m above the station below.
The train travels at up to 105km/h as it travels back through the station.
The ride has a strong presence at the front of the park.
The cars meet at the bottom of the drop and after the last inversion.
The area behind Buccaneer Bay.
The coaster's lift hill late afternoon.
The gondola reaching the top of the tower after the initial launch.
The gondola just before launch.
Heading up the near-vertical top hat.
Batwing Spaceshot dwarfs Superman Escape by almost 20m (65ft).
The train cresting the coaster's highest point.
The train roaring back towards the station.
The Dreamworld Tower from the base of the Giant Drop.