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Triple Vortex is the first major slide at WhiteWater World to break from the park's Aussie beach theme.
Triple Vortex is essentially a standard tube slide broken up by three mini-tornado elements.
The queue for tubes.
Triple Vortex takes two-person tubes.
The new slide features a bizarre maroon, orange and yellow colour scheme.
Fresh landscaping and pathways have the area looking great following the slide's construction.
Triple Vortex starts off on a new platform that's a level lower than The Rip or BRO slides.
Most riders seem to enjoy a relatively sedate jaunt around, rather than the hectic spirals that the ride's name suggests.
Tail Spin dominates the skyline of Ocean Parade.
In the station, the individual seats are locked horizontal to prevent side-to-side rocking while loading.
Tail Spin features a clearly signposted parent swap programme that allows fair riding for parents with young children that can't ride.
Tail Spin features three separate lines for general queue, single riders and Q4U.
The repainted operator booth and wave.
The ride as it stands without the arms and gondola.