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The non-inverting loop is now fully assembled.
...Nope, that's too close!
He/she has spotted something....
...Next minute!
Work is underway on the additional infrastructure required for Arkham Asylum's virtual reality system.
Blaze Comics is the comic-book publisher within the DC Comics universe. Very Inception...
Super-villain statues being kept under wraps until opening.
Themed elements throughout the Super-Villains Unleashed area will provide plenty to see and interact with.
There's not been a new attraction at an Australian theme park in recent years that has looked so close to completion this far ahead of opening. Doomsday Destroyer still isn't due open until early October.
The bright, open comic book inspired area definitely echoes Islands of Adventures' 'Super Hero Island' in Orlando, albeit on a smaller scale.
The rough edges on the brick facade are being meticulously fixed.
Finishing touches are put on the brick building at the front of the area while ground preparation starts for paving.
The menacing 'Doomsday' eyes dominate the area.
The city facades are blended into the existig Scooby-Doo ride building.
As opening date nears, final theming elements are installed on the ride.
The ride features a hydraulic floor to ensure dangling legs are well clear of the ground below.
Doomsday Destroyer's turquoise control booth is seen adjacent to the ride.
The ride will effectively be boxed in by buildings, with open pathways filling the remaining dirt areas.
The nearly completed ride will sit unopened for several more months as the ride's themed area is completed around it.