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The drive system appears to be completely re-engineered compared to previous models.
Abyss' dive loop.
Some of the bizarre theming on Rampage.
The collection of slides and bumper boats at the northern end of the park became part of the "Nautica" area,
Inversions abound.
The ship being destroyed is called "The Adventurer"
You can get a sense of the elevation change this ride achieves, with the tip of the funnel just visible, and Bibra Lake beyond.
After many complaints about the hot path surface a shade structure was installed.
There's a lot of theming, but it does all look a bit "fibreglassy", and perhaps needs a bit more greenery to flesh out the area and improve the atmosphere.
Ride restrictions sign.
So what else is there to do at Adventure World?
The Rampage received some love in 2017 with a complete paint and a updated queue line.
A new paved area has been opened with the ride, with good views of the surrounding thrills. Fun Fact: Adventure World is the only major amusement park in Australia that retains a chairlift or skyride.
The entry banner.
More hidden messages. If anyone has translated these, feel free to contact us!
More of the hidden codes in the queue line, along with fans to help keep guest cool.
The safety sign for Goliath...They're not complete savages at least.
The ride is the latest in a series of solid, guest friendly additions at the Perth based park. You can go wrong building good rides.