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Arguably the biggest part of this refurbishment is the new train built by Vekoma.
The multicoloured train uses vest harnesses instead of the old OTSRs that were used on Cyclone's train. The train has also been fitted with speakers that blast music during the ride.
You can join the Joker and Harley Quinn to destroy the a bank. The pair have extensive banter dialogue between them.
The ride's harnesses are very comfortable.
Poison Ivy is essentially an eco terrorist.
Poison Ivy is one of the most detailed models in the area, with snapping, spitting Venus flytraps.
Gorilla Grodd is a villain from the Flash universe.
During the day his eyes glow bright red.
Scarecrow's detailing makes him look almost like a real human.
Doomsday is definitely one of the most menacing DC supervillains... as can be seen here, ripping the Daily Planet sign in half.
The entrance signage. Early announcements for the ride dubbed the attraction the "Hot Wheels Hot Lap Coaster".
Hot wheels sign = theming.
The new train picks up quite a bit of speed.
And at the top... another Hot Wheels logo.