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The Wild West Falls refurbishment is also housing a lot of cladding and materials for Fright Night mazes.
Fright nights are barely five weeks away, so work is well underway.
Fencing materials lie along the road into Movie World.
The materials will see much of this stretch of land enclosed with a new permanent fence.
The area will soon be paved.
The gates are back in place.
Concerns about the quality of the faux brickwork are being resolved with the finer details being worked on.
Riders will enter from the far end of the precinct, with queue switchbacks seen under the "...Destroyer" signage.
The final drop for the ride is housed in a "water treatment plant".
The iconic car from the Back to the Future Films.
Since replaced by "The Simpsons Ride" at the Hollywood and Orlando parks, the Simpsons Ride lives on in Japan.
The inline twist is the final inversion before pulling into the station.
One of the rides small drops towards the end. Note the Pteranodon leading the train. The storyline on the theme park's website claims that these creatures flew wild around the park for a long period, but were eventually trained to carry visitors face down on adventure flights.
The preztel loop is one of the key features of the ride, looping under the entrance bridge of the original Jurassic Park boat ride.
Universal Studios Japan is known for getting some massive wait times on their new attraction openings in recent years.
An overview of the rides track. The park dubs this "the worlds best flying coaster", and they are probably right!
The main ride building is housed in the rockwork beneath the forced perspective castle.