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RIP Wild Mouse. You were so much more than than just theming to us!
A carriage from the old Wild Mouse Coaster lives on as theming around the 'creepy' Mayhem Maze.
This lovely lady was the only pleasant thing about the Mayhem Maze!
Mayhem Maze is a walk through horror attraction that opened in late 2016, themed around and abandoned carnival on the edge of town inhabited by a crazy clown.
Bombora Bounce is a family sized drop ride with a loose surfing theme.
The ride is immediately inside the entrance of the park and features carriages that rock back and forth gently as they travel along.
The only thing more obnoxious than the colour of this ride is the very loud animal sounds and music it plays when the kids press the buttons in front of each seat.
Signage adorning the queue house for Little Beaut Toot Toot!
Little Beaut Toot Toot! replaced Tykes Trolley.