Scooby – Doo Spooky Coaster Ride Specifications

The manufacturer of the 'Wild Mouse' Dark Ride (Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster) is Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co who are based in Waldkirch, Germany.

The ride was designed to achieve the most thrilling and varied ride effects incorporating dips in the dark ride section, a vertical lift and a reverse chute followed by a rotating station.

The vehicle enters a vertical lift where it is lifted to the highest point of the ride (approximately seventeen metres). As the vehicle reverses out of the lift it races down a seven metre deep reverse chute before it is turned by 180 degrees. After a speedy course the vehicle is slowed down before falling down a final drop of approximately three metres entering the station to be unloaded and loaded again.

The ride incorporates a unique turntable and features individual lap bars for each rider.

Duration of ride, including load / unload : approx 253 seconds
Maximum track height : 17 metres
Height of backward drop : 7 metres
Length of track : approx 530 metres
Maximum Speed : 44.6 km/h
Passengers per vehicle : 4 adults
Capacity : 1 000 guest per hour
No. of carriages : 18