Construction continues at Scenic World

Scenic World, amidst a hefty redevelopment is steadily shaping together its latest additions.

Four years ago Scenic World amazed us with the Sceniscender. This strange creation from renowned Swiss cable system manufacturer Dopplemayr drops up to 84 guests over a 220m cliff to a lower station where they can take in the rainforest on a maze of boardwalks.

This time, Doppelmayr comes back, with some help from fellow Swiss company CWA, perhaps best known in Australia for their construction of the Sea World, Darling Harbour and Conrad Jupiters monorail trains, to bring the Scenic Skyway, a ride dating back to 1958, into the 21st Century.

Gone is the rickety 30-passenger gondola that was virtually hand built by the renowned late Harry Hammon. In its place will be a sleek 84 passenger cabin featuring vast windows for an unparalleled view of the valley and Three Sisters rock formation. The modern cabin will feature a cutting-edge "smart glass" floor which will allow the floor to phase from completely opaque to transparent at the touch of a button, giving the new ride its own element of surprise and perceived danger.

The cable system is also being replaced and has been developed by Doppelmayr. The previous version was put out of commission at the end of March, leaving around an eight-month gap until the new ride opens in mid-November. Accompanying the new Skyway is a brand new modern entrance building that adds a new element of class to Scenic World.

Along with these new developments, there is now an engineer employed by the park whose brief is to get the infamous Orphan Rocker roller coaster to operate to the public.

Scenic World is currently achieves the third highest attendance of any tourist attraction in Australia, and it is bound to increase as the new Skyway opens.

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