Movie World tackles ride stoppages in latest safety video

Warner Bros. Movie World have released the second part in a series that aims to inform the public about ride safety. This edition takes on ride stoppages and some of the incidents that were the focus of considerable media attention this summer.

Image: Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Movie World tackles the manufactured controversy perfectly in their latest safety information video.

Part two doesn't shy from the extensive – and at times overbearing – negative coverage that theme parks received this summer. They address the scrutiny head-on by showing some of the more alarmist headlines that filled newspapers and websites.

Ride traps visitors hanging in mid-air... Ride traps fun-seekers... High rollers stuck mid-air

"Stoppages are proof that ride safety systems are working," says Michelle [Erasmus, Warner Bros. Movie World Operations Manager].

"All our rides are engineered to stop in safe locations. Every ride has hundreds of sensors, constantly measuring and watching the ride."

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This latest video makes use of the car analogy Parkz mentioned in our own piece covering ride stoppages in January: Are Australian theme park rides safe?

"They're like the sensors in your car," Michelle continues. "While you might be able to drive off with that alert flashing, our rides will not."

The video explains that if just one sensor is "not happy", the ride system will shut down.

"Most faults are easily reset after a short inspection. However if we can't reset quickly, we'll decide to unload the ride. You as an individual have a very low chance of ever being unloaded. But because we run so many rides every day sometimes this will happen."

The video continues to go into detail on perhaps the most prominent incident of the summer – the Arkham Asylum evacuation. Michelle notes that they train for a wide variety of situations in conjunction with emergency services such as the fire brigade.

"So when we had our recent Arkham Asylum stoppage we were fully prepared. It makes for a great news story, but for us it's reassurance that our safety systems are working and that we're keeping people safe."

Movie World again echoes our January piece where we noted that the lift hill climb is part of the park's Star Tour.

"So safe in fact that people pay to take the Arkham Asylum lift hill climb as part of our Star Tour."

Movie World sends a clear, concise message

For part two of the series Village Roadshow Theme Parks have quietly ditched the Q&A format used in part one, which didn't really work the first time around. Valid criticism surrounding the speed and brevity of part one has been nicely addressed by simplifying and focusing the message.

Part two makes use of some of the straightforward messages and analogies that Parkz has been pushing in recent months to counter misinformation. VRTP deliver it in a tightly-scripted, well-shot piece that tackles the manufactured controversy perfectly.

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