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Expedition Everest is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Built by Vekoma in 2006. Read More...

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Expedition Everest review by Gazza

by Gazza, 7 years ago
Rated 4.0 Fulfils its role well as the big coaster for the park, with great theming, a lengthy ride, and and an enjoyable coaster for families.
For me personally, it lacked some of the same memorability as some of the other flagship "E Ticket" attractions at other Disney parks.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Very Good

A good ride, which ticks the boxes of a fun experience and beautiful theming.

Effectiveness Very Good

A good attraction, that fits well into AK and the overall WDW lineup. A sense of adventure, starting off in the lowlands, climbing a steel trestle bridge into the mountain to be repeatedly tormented by a yeti, The indoor sections i did have the feel of being in a big shell rather than an actual railway tunnel or cave.

Intensity Medium

Not particularly intense, but fine for a big family oriented coaster.

Rider Comfort Amazing

Individual lap bars and a smooth ride make this one quite enjoyable.

Pacing Good

Compared to a lot of rides, the much vaunted reversing track switch seems to take forever. The ride mixes fast and slow sections, but seems to have a lot of slow bits and only tends to get fast for about 1/3 of the ride at the end.

Theming/Storyline Very Good

A gorgeously detailed Nepalese queue, combining vernacular architecture, sensitive and observant details, plus lots of theming and equipment to match the mountain expedition theme. The actual story isn't really communicated...just that you are riding a mountain railway and encounter a Yeti.

Upkeep/Presentation Very Good

However, what stops it from being a perfect score is that on again /off again yeti animatronic, which wasn't working on my visit.

Queue/Efficiency Amazing

Its Disney, so very efficient, and only a short wait for me.

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