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Green Lantern Coaster

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Green Lantern Coaster is a roller coaster operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by S&S in 2011. Read More...

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Green Lantern Coaster review by Aussie Coaster Reviewer

by Aussie Coaster Reviewer, 2 years ago
Rated 4.0

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

Overall an incredibly fun ride!

Effectiveness Very Good

A thrilling roller coaster that served to greet guests when they first reached the park (at least, before Rivals)

Intensity Very High

Offers excellent hangtime on both inversions and the outerbank, intense first drop, and several moments of sharp (but enjoyable!) laterals. But there are sections of track between these elements with virtually no forces.

Rider Comfort Very Good

For the most part, a very smooth ride with comfortable restraints. However, I sometimes find the final turn has an awkward shuffle as the train navigates it, especially when in the outer seats.

Pacing Good

A number of slow sections, especially the two mid-course brake runs, but the elements in between are of a high quality to make it worth it.

Theming/Storyline Average

The queue theming is minimal, communicating the semblance of a storyline using cutouts and text. There is onboard audio that loosely ties into this story, however the ride itself does not greatly relate to the story. However, the story is not massively emphasised, so the ride doesn't feel massively lacking.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

An epic looking ride at the front of the park.

Queue/Efficiency Amazing

The trains only seat eight riders each, but the crew work tirelessly to make sure trains are dispatched as quickly as possible.

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