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Green Lantern Coaster is a roller coaster operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by S&S in 2011. Read More...

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Green Lantern Coaster review by Santa07

by Santa07, 7 years ago
Rated 3.0 A solid attraction for Movie World, however is trumped in intensity and theming by other rides at the park. Good for those who are too old for family rides but aren't ready for high-thrill rides such as Superman or Arkham.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Very Good

The slow inversions and beyond-vertical drop are fun, but the ride loses speed very quickly. Appeals to the audience between family and thrill-seekers.

Effectiveness Very Good

Loses its impact after a few times. The ride feels a bit out-of-place when compared to other rides like Superman and Scooby do, due to the fact that it's been placed out the front of the park with little theming or incorporation into the surrounding area.

Intensity Medium

Unfortunately, intensity is what this ride is lacking. The hanging inversions could be seen as intense, however the only strong G-force can be found only temporarily at the bottom of the two drops. Some lateral Gs around the turns.

Rider Comfort Very Good

Harnesses are comfy, however the ride is getting rougher with age.

Pacing Very Good

Length of the ride is adequate, although momentum is lost at times.

Theming/Storyline Average

One of Movie World's less-themed rides. Theming is minimal compared to the other great attractions at the park.

Upkeep/Presentation Good

Would rate this a lot higher if the music worked 100% of the time. The green on the harnesses is starting to peel.

Queue/Efficiency Good

Generally one of Movie World's shorter queues, however often the staff need to dispatch faster to decrease the time waiting on the brake run.

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