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  1. http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/drw_2...lyEntryBookings Interesting...$10 for early entry into Dreamworld sounds like a good deal, although I can't find out what time early admission is. T&C: > There is no guarantee that the Big 6 will be available on any given day and every attempt will be made to have at best 5 thrill rides available each day or at worst 2 thrill rides available. > Should a thrill ride not be available another alternate ride will be made available on the day. > A Dreamworld Entry ticket or World Pass ticket must be presented with an Early Entry ticket to gain access. > Limited tickets available for sale each day.
  2. i remember the first time i went on S.E, I wasn't expecting it to be so hard to pull down and I grabed the red bars that go over your shoulders... woops. Yeah I know, I see people all the time trying to pull them up, why cant they learn, just sit and relax and let the restraint do all the work.
    Isn't the purpose of this thread to discuss the queue area of Leathal Weapon..?
  3. WHAT?! Are you serious? 1. The general public would be pretty angry at those people! 2. Wouldn't that cost the park alot of money?? But as Gogoboy said, whats a coaster discussion site without a discussion? :P
    I think perhaps you missed the most vital part of that post....To help you, I put it in bold, italicised it and underlined it...
    ^Yeah! I remember that park in America that was building that new coaster, but when they found out some coaster nerds were saying they didn't like the colours, they decided to take it down. Let's make sure that doesn't happen guys! Movie World, the colours are fine. Continue with construction please. /sarcasm
  4. I also think that this site is becoming stupid...people are getting attacked for thier opinions on parks, others (rc enthusiasts) think that people who aren't crazy about coasters like them are stupid and don't know anything about coasters, which actually isn't true at all..might not know everything about coasters but we know some thing's, we know the basics of the coasters we ride. There's been more arguments on this site than discussion about our parks and the other stuff that is up for discussion in the other non-park area's. It's just so stupid, we're all on this site because we love coasters, we love the said parks, not to argue with each other and jump down each other's throats.
    No-one is making an attack on anyone. Perhaps some people are just paranoid or overly sensitive. People were only trying to put across their take on things, and perhaps some people are slightly more abrupt than others. Instead of whinging about how everyone is behaving, leave it up to the moderators to 'tell posters off', or if it offends you so greatly, perhaps you might want to cease reading threads that might offend you?
  5. Honestly, you're being a complete drama queen. If you decide to rock up at Movieworld at 3pm, do you honestly expect the park to be empty or have attractions running at maximum capacity incase royalty, such as yourself, wants to ride something? Perhaps next time you might want to use your brain and try arriving a little earlier in the day .

  6. Holy sh*t, the entrance looks heaps cheap and nasty. Hopefully it will look better when its completed. Overall it looks good with all the bright colours, although I'm not sure how well they compliment each other, but on a whole, I'm quite impressed. Is it just me, or does the whole Nickelodeon area look a big mess? It looks way too cluttered and is not appealing to the eye at all. I'm liking the Spongebob though.

  7. Saw Kate Alexa in Jan/Feb..she was a bit flat at the Brissy concert but she got tips from the backstreet boys and sounded amazing at the other three concerts..even waved and thanked my friends and I for standing up and dancing to her songs when everyone else was sitting down looking bored...very awesome girl.
    Honestly, all I can say is thank God for you.
  8. We had our work staff christmas party at Dracula's Broadbeach about 2 weeks ago. The show has dropped in quality quite drastically since I last went a few years ago. The only ride they have is a Ghost Train which you board after your pre-dinner drinks in their bar, and the Ghost Train takes you on a trip towards the dining room. So there is no coaster as such, but there is a Ghost Train. On a side note, the food their has also gone down. The mains we got were foul, but at least the entree and desert were nice.

  9. I'd be happy with a B&M Flyer, Dive Machine, Stand Up or Floorless. I just want something new in Australia. It doesn't bother me overly as I'm travelling to America for the whole of February 2006 and I will get to experience the coaster types Australia is lacking. I have a feeling that a Flyer or Stand Up will be the most exhilerating to me.

  10. What is the go with the operation of Flashback at SFMM? On rcdb.com it says that the ride is not operating at present so I checked the six flags website and it doesn't say anything about whether the ride is operating or not? Rcdb.com also mentions that... "The Flashback is generally closed from May to September when the adjacent water park is open. Even outside of these times the Flashback's operation is very sparse. During the waterpark's 2003/2004 off-season, the Flashback never operated."

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