The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, May 2010

Welcome to the first in what we hope will become a reasonably regular segment, "The Parkz Update". Here we'll keep you informed with everything you need (or more honestly, want) to know about what's happening in the Gold Coast's theme parks. We begin today at Dreamworld:

In our first edition of The Parkz Update, Dreamworld is still chugging along with a few small projects taking place here and there around the park. 

Thunder River Rapids has recently been down for maintenance.
The drained channel gives a good look at the high-tech rapid-creating devices
Thunder River Rapids should now be back in business, drenching guests crazy enough to ride at this time of year.
Rocky Hollow Log Ride of course has a new (identical) drop.
The difference between the new drop and the old one is this one isn't rusty. At least not real rust... they did paint it to look rusty like the old one.

Dreamworld, unlike some parks, choose to keep their revenue-generating shops open throughout the day, which makes the park look like an inviting place rather than a deserted ghost town, regardless of how Gold Rush appropriate that is.

1,292 days since Eureka Mountain Mine Ride closed and wasn't removed.

1,894 days since the Skylink Chairlift closed and wasn't removed. 

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Tower of Terror upgrade: 

Tower of Terror now sports a steel frame surrounding the entire launch track.

When enclosed the ride will be able to be operated after rain without drying the track. Or maybe they could leave the tunnel as exposed steel, and say it's themed to driving down Citylink in Melbourne? Management would have another major brand tie in sorted!
A simple tunnel is not all that should be expected from Tower of Terror's upgrade however.
Probable B&M parts. Commence rumours.
Spelling that would likely get a member banned from Parkz is perfect for Dreamworld's graphics department. There is no doubt market research that shows that they'll sell more shaved ice by arbitrarily butchering the English language.
The beloved upcharge rock climbing attraction is closed!

WhiteWater World: 

Meanwhile, The Wedgie is up and running at WhiteWater World.
Naysayers of the Gold Coast's first looping waterslide need only turn their head 90º clockwise to be proven horribly wrong.

Dreamworld closures:
Dora Sea Planes closed until further notice
Tower of Terror opening 1pm until mid-June

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