The Parkz Update: WhiteWater World, June 2010

This month we went inside WhiteWater World to brave the winter weather to check out The Wedgie.

Image: Parkz.
In this edition of the Parkz Update we test rode the Wedgie. Here is the signage at the entrance.
No, we aren't 10 months too early, they just haven't updated the sign yet.
You can see that they've recently added an extra bit of shade sail (right) to the original cave of waves shade structures (left).
Pineline Plunge is down for maintenance, so anyone wanting to have buckets of water dumped on them in the middle of winter will have to wait a few weeks.
Pizza Franchises are all the rage at the Gold Coast parks at the moment. WhiteWater World has an Eagle Boys now...Closed unfortunately.
The main eatery, Bite Me Cafe, did carry Eagle Boys products though.
The Shell is Whitewater World's function centre, closed for the winter according to the sign.
We discovered The Shell contains a thoughtful feature, a soft play area with a ball pit for the little ones.

This month we were able to brave the cold and check out The Wedgie up close and in person.

The slide is quite simple, but at the same time quite thrilling (And at times intimidating).
Here you can see the "SkyBox" launch chamber, which contains a trap door that releases guests into the slide. The park has also installed a window, so you can see people dropping in to the slide.
If the ride is going to do what it says on the tin, this is where it happens (Fortunatley, we avoided any real wedgies.
The helix is quite intense!
Overall, it's a pretty solid ride, but you can't help but feel Wet 'n' Wilds offering will totally eclipse it in every way. It's a nice preview of what's to come though, and adds a much needed thrilling body slide to the park.
The glass wall doesn't exactly do much to contain the splash... something that no doubt will need fixing before the weather warms in a few months.
You can see how steep is has to go to get underneath Supertubes Hydrocoaster.
ProSlide, the mark of quality.
And we'll 'stop' the Dreamworld/WhiteWater World segment of this update, with their latest apparent brand affiliaton -- the Spice Girls.

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