The Parkz Update: Dreamworld, May 2011

And The Parkz Update is back, with a close look at all the happenings at the Gold Coast theme parks. First up is a look at the latest changes at Dreamworld and of course construction of its two latest rides.

Main Street

Since our last update, Dreamworld's own main street roof has gone up.
Parkz's official stance on Movie World's roof is that it's stupid. Our official stance on Dreamworld's is that it's stupid and tacky.
But the fountain is looking pretty spectacular for the first time in several years.
The boats were looking beached as.
And of course Dreamworld's bizarre dabbling in the feature film industry is over and the cinema is back to being an underutilised theme park attraction.
Though to be fair the cinema did get some much-needed love and attention, which is always a good thing. We're expecting the Dreamworld paddle steamer to be converted into a riverboat casino in the near future. It'll be a financial disaster, but at least it might get a lick of paint
The lolly shop in all its nauseating brightness. Now your eyes can feel the pain that your stomach and wallet feel after shopping there.
The whole of main street is looking fresh. What do you mean bright colours fade quickly?
Good to see the TLC anyway, even if we don't agree with their colour consultant.
Breaking news: we're calling it candy now.

Front of park construction

And out into the Dreamworld car park where all the fun is happening.
Fencing and construction work leads us to the only logical explanation: Dreamworld are expanding their car park.
It's a pretty large area that Dreamworld have roped off.
It could just be extra storage area for Thunder River Rapids rafts; that helipad is looking mighty full!

Thunder River Rapids Maintenance

Thunder River Rapids is currently down for maintenance. Either that or it's offering a slightly more tame ride experience.
Red railings mean business.
Just in case you don't believe the signage, we thought we'd show you for ourselves. Yep, closed.
Anyone remember this boat? It used to be at the Cyclone ride entrance. Proof that theming can serve a practical purpose.

Remnants of a lost civilisation (And Rocky Hollow)

And of course it's been 2,012 days since Sky High Skyway closed and wasn't removed.
There's a bright blue haystack dryer at the Log Ride exit.


We call it ASSS for short.
Unfortunately we can't fully make out what the fine print says. Being a theme park, it's safe to assume it says "Kids Eat Free* ... *No they don't."
We missed out on visiting the Lair (Despite it still being on the billboard outside the park) But hey, its not a lost cause, we have photos through the fence!
They got the theming of the area pretty spot on. You'll see white sheds just like this one all over the Serengeti.Theme park design 101: front of house is what guests should see. Back of house is what they shouldn't see. Some fast growing bamboo or an arbour on the back of the shed would make a world of difference.  
It does look pretty nice when you look the other way. Lets hope the area gets some permanent residents soon.
Wipeout was running its good cycle. Of course, the photo doesn't prove that, but it would be awkward just having an isolated statement.


For the June/July holidays a Zamperla Disk'o Coaster named Shockwave will be opening. Though considerably tamer than its neighbours, will surely add more spectacle to this area of the park.
A simple ride like this will go vertical fairly quickly once the groundwork is complete.
At its core, the Disk-O is somewhat similar to Wet'n'Wild's Surf Rider.
Except theme park nerds can't count it as a 'cred'.
Stay tuned to Parkz as we bring you all the latest as Dreamworld works on its two latest rides!