The Parkz Update: Movie World, May 2011

And we move onto Movie World for a short update. There's a lot happening at the park over the coming months but it'll be a little while before anything significant and photo-worthy appears.

The Wild West.

A joke to kick off our Movie World Parkz Update: A guy walks into a picture of a bar. You might notice the backdrop has been replaced so it's no longer faded.

These dryers are everywhere. More themed than Dreamworld's though. The theming actually improves the further you scroll down!

The weight guessing game got moved. It looks much better closed in this location that the last.

New property boxes at the Bumper Cars. They are themed nicely to tie in with the rest of the attraction.

Gotham City Cafe

Grand, Chicken, Bacon, Caesar Burger. Now that's a mouthful!

Angus is truly the only way to eat miscellaneous blended cowparts- all from Angus cows of course.

The new Chilli fries. Don't look at it, just eat it.

The Big Coasterss

The Superman ssign got some love (love = paint).

Lethal Weapon got its entrance moved, and was then closed for maintenance.

There were two options for the queue change: improve Lethal Weapon's efficiency, or simply make it impossible to find.

The pathway connecting Superman Escape and the former Lethal Weapon entry point hass been clossed off. Looks though some renovations are taking place.

Some of the shade sails from the main Lethal Weapon queuing area have been moved. Expect to see a new entrance to the ride here ssoon we say. At least that's The Crazy idea we put together anyway.