The Parkz Update: Sea World, May 2011

And though Sea World we've got plenty of minor changes taking place throughout the park.

Good Weather meant Sea World was busy, as evidenced by the abnormally large crowd for Pirates! Unleashed.

Gift Shop Works
The gift shop at the park exit is being expanded.

It looks as if the roofline will match the rest of the entrance building.


This shop has had it's range expanded to pick up the slack of the main shops renovation.

Entry Plaza

Challenge accepted.

No, not some exciting raffle, it's just Sea World's latest recycling initiative.

Lets be honest, it would just be weird sitting in one of these chairs with everyone watching your legs jiggle.

Someone went to K-Mart and got a basketball ring, so now Sea World has a basketball challenge.

Skyway, closed, looks like we're walking.

And there's two closed attractions in this shot. Score!

Sea Worlds best and most popular animal attraction, the fish food dispenser. Where are all the naysayers now, huh?

Castaway Bay

Two monorail trains were out of service, which means it was 12 minutes between trains at each station. Still, that's much more frequent than the QR suburban rail services in Brisbane!

The maintenance car, just because we didn't have one for the database photo collection.

We're back in Castaway Bay becase we love it so.

At Sky Climb. No comment.

Some new screening at the locker area. That's an interesting juxtaposition of real and fake bamboo, like a 4D film....or something.

Another Haystack dryer...Better themed than the one at Movie World.

All the rest

The lockers at Jet Rescue are new because the old ones sucked. Stuff You V Locker, Computech all the way!

Some new seating, but it's still a bit of a desert.

Once upon a time you could go up into the lightouse. It then became limited to an exhibit in the bottom floor related to Sea Worlds conservation efforts. Closed now.

And to conclude, a nice little service offered at the park now.

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