The Parkz Update: Wet'n'Wild Water World

Over at WetnWild, the park is in full swing with its latest dry attractions ahead of the cooler winter months.

And over at Wet'n'Wild, they finally have their new non-water attractions up and running.

Here's the prices. Skycoaster can be ridden for half price before 12pm, so potentially as little as $10 a ride.


The Sky Coaster well and truly dominates the skyline at Wet'n'Wild.

Told ya...

Our first attempts to get photos of Skycoaster in action were thwarted. Turns out if you're too chicken to pull the cord you just wave your arms wildly for about a minute and they lower you down slowly.  

This person wasn't chicken though.

You jump in a scissor lift, get harnessed up, the lift drops away and you get hoisted up ready to swing.

Le control booth.

The harnessing and waiting area.

Clearly an oversight... I'm sure they'll feel silly when they realised they didn't charge for lockers.

We just think this is a really nice shot!


Zipline has replaced Terror Canyon it seems.

And here it is in action. The carrier actually has it's own motor, so it propels itself back to the top once the ride is over.

So it appears the finishing platform would only be for emergency use.

Some new cabanas by the wave pool. Where's the beer fridge?

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