The Parkz Update: Dreamworld. September 2011

Buzzsaw opens this coming weekend, so Parkz headed in for one last look before they flick the switch on their latest.

Image: Parkz.

With only a few days to go, Buzzsaw is testing.

It looks like a pretty tidy package overall.

...and we'll have our bus parking area back soon too!

Dreamworld, though you're in our good books for doing something vaguely resembling proper theming this time around, it would probably be better if the major elements were facing so people inside the park could admire it, and have it add to the ambience of the park.

Veni, vidi, vici.

The old helipad looks set to become an observation area.

Another look at the ride building, from the Thunder River loading platform. The theming inside there (If any) is perhaps the one unknown about this attraction.

The entrance path still needs some work before opening day though.

Inversion #2.

It does sit quite nicely in the context. Lets hope Dreamworld sees the errors of past ways, and understands the value of neatly incorporating attractions into the surroundings, rather than using unrelated themes.

And of course, it wouldn't be an update on Buzzsaw without a sharp angle photo looking at the twist.

Gold Rush has had its sign removed, presumably the area is being renamed for Buzzsaws arrival. But what is left looks a bit like the clouds from Super Mario.

The whole area seems to be having a revival, with facades having work done.

Some have been completed....Nothing garish, but we're not 100% on shifting away from earthy colours.

Looking good though.

Main Street
Boost Juice is moving in to the old Q4U rental outlet.

A healthy juice is probably just the thing to wash down your hot dog and Krispy Kremes

Q4U has subsequently moved into temporary accomodation... no wait, that's supposed to be a permanent building.

Direct from Roller Coaster Tycoon, this thing has popped up.

Goes along with that giant hot dog stand doesn't it?

Kids World
The removal of the Nickelodeon branding appears to be complete.

Maybe not.

The "famous" (?) Nick sphere is now more like an olive.

General Park
Tower of Terror 2 is closed for it's annual maintenance.

The work going on over in Goldrush has displaced the pass center to "Rivertown" – or whatever that area has become these days.

We checked in at Shockwave to see how it has settled in, and predictably, it's fallen in line to be roughly as popular as the rest of the rest of the Ocean Parade flat rides.

The Lair has had all signage and references to lions removed. Why?....

Because tigers live there instead!

That wraps up this edition of the Parkz Update, but stay tuned for our next edition, where we take Buzzsaw for a spin.