The Parkz Update: Movie World, September 2012

With winter firmly behind us in south east Queensland, we check out Movie World as head towards the peak summer season with finishing touches going on Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D.

Image: Parkz. Justice League takes shape at Warner Bros. Movie World.

The Wild West section of Movie World is quite the ghost town with Wild West Falls currently down for maintenance.

With it looking like a hot, dry summer is on the cards, making sure that Wild West Falls runs smoothly is surely a priority.

It's unusual however to have the area roped off. Normally the entire area remains open while Wild West Falls maintenance takes place.

Speaking of unusual wall placements, it's unfortunate that Movie World fenced off the old China Town area here rather than at the start of the alleyway a few metres further back.
And the final in our series of walls across paths, Looney Tunes River Ride's old queue has of course been converted into a viewing area for Road Runner Rollercoaster with this bright mural.

Moving right on from arbitrary walls to arbitrary fencing! Movie World have taken to blocking off the entire central hub of main street to sell photos with characters.

Blocking off the main street, forcing passing guests onto crowded footpaths to get to the other main areas of the park seems like a very heavy-handed way to try and sell what appear to be rather unpopular photo shoots.

The façade for Hall of Justice is in place. Rather than designing the entire façade from scratch, the old Wayne Manor structure was used causing this unusual off-centre signage.

A gold statue appears out in what will be the ride's queue area. A Google search tells us that this has something to do with the Justice League.

The last remnants of Wayne Manor. It's great to see that the trees will remain in the queue as more and more theme park queues seem to be concrete and shadecloths.

We figure if you're going to get apostrophes wrong, you might as well get them inconsistently wrong.

Parkz was incredibly lucky to see President Obama at Movie World!

Nice photos of fun rides...
It's not all construction and typos in the Parkz Update... enjoy these nice photos of fun rides! 
This is a nice one...

Also a nice one.

But this one is our favourite.


As the finishing touches are put on Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D, stay tuned  for Parkz as we bring you a first-look at what is shaping up to be a truly amazing ride.


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