The Parkz Update: Sea World, March 2013

Parkz stopped by Sea World to take a a quick look at how the groundwork progresses on their new water coaster.

Image: Parkz. Sea World braces for a new water coaster in 2013 and animal exhibit in 2014.

Ground preparation continues on Sea World's water coaster.
The gutted bermuda triangle show building is still little more than an enclosed dirt patch.

Let's hope that Sea World puts some effort into restoring the landscaping once the construction is complete.

The pumps seen in the lower left are running around the clock to keep the construction area dry so that work can continue.

Some of the pooling of water is seen here. With the wet season nearing an end in south-east Queensland the work should be able to progress with few distractions until opening.

This solid block of concrete will soon support the water coaster's steel structure.

What could be under these footing-shaped boxes???

Elsewhere at Sea World... 

Sea Viper nears the end of its six weeks of downtime.

That the ride has its own dedicated downtime signage either speaks volumes for Village Roadshow Theme Parks' art department, or for just how unreliable Sea Viper  has become since its transition from Corkscrew.

The 'beach' at Dinosaur Island has really deteriorated in the 9-odd months it has been open. I guess no more routine sweeping of the sand?

It's great to see Australian theme parks finally cottoning on to the idea that new attractions can be hyped and promoted in advance.
 That about does it for Sea World for another Parkz Update. As always, we'll keep you posted as construction progresses, so keep your eyes peeled!

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