The Parkz Update: Groundwork underway on Movie World's 2017 roller coaster

Crates and crates of Mack Rides components, and plenty of cleared dirt as Warner Bros. Movie World gears up for their 2017 roller coaster.

Image: Parkz. Mack is the talk of the town with oodles and oodles of crates sporting their logo appearing this week.
The exciting news of course is that wooden crates sporting a Mack Rides logo have shown up at Movie World.
The company had been rumoured to be the manufacturer of the roller coaster expected in 2017.
Mack Rides rates on site awaiting opening by authorised Mack personnel, apparently.
Aside from the Mack crates, the site is largely just a cleared expanse awaiting preliminary groundwork.
And let's be honest, if it weren't for all this exciting Mack business, we might as well be covering the construction of a storm water drain right now.
The cleared land is a huge space though, and the marked points that could indicate footing placement are spread quite thin.
You heard 'em... no parking!
Huge lengths of rebar have appeared too. These will form the roller-coaster's footings. The sheer length of these would suggest some pretty significant support columns. Each will be buried and surrounded by concrete more or less flush with the ground.
Like I said... at the moment it's about as interesting as watching them build a drainage ditch.
Nothing has happened with the swamp area, indicating that the roller coaster will stay on this side of it.
Dirt: the Ride.
Lots of fairly boring construction work to take place before we start seeing anything exciting like roller coaster track.

It doesn't get more riveting than fencing poles.

New perimeter fencing will be installed in the near future.
With a roller coaster coming this far out the front of the park, the whole perspective of Movie World will change for guests driving in each morning.
Drilling equipment prepares holes for the ride's footings.
A wider shot giving a look at the huge area, with permanent poles in place along the left for the new perimeter fence.
Rebar for support footings.
If the number of crates and rebar sections are any indication, this machinery is going to be be busy digging holes for a long time.
There's no shortage of heavy duty equipment on site for excavation.
Palm trees and diggers line the road into Movie World.

If you can't wait a year for a roller coaster, of course Doomsday Destroyer opens next month.

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