The Parkz Update: DC Rivals HyperCoaster commences testing

Testing has commenced today on DC Rivals HyperCoaster with the first cycle taking place just after 11am.

Image: Parkz. The train crests the lift hill for the first time ever.

Before we get started on today's update, we know you're here for the good stuff. DC Rivals HyperCoaster testing video:

Now that's out of the way, let's take a closer look at today's developments.

A train has appeared on the lift hill today.
The black shadow of the train visible from front-on.
Inside the park we get a good glimpse at the train and its backwards-facing rear seats. Be warned: lots more train shots to come.
The seats are incredibly open, which is one of the reasons Mack's modern coasters are making a name for themselves.
Sick of seeing the train yet?
The train was stopped halfway up the hill all morning.
The ride snakes its way off into the horizon.
The blue things in each seat are water test dummies. These dummies are used in the carriage to simulate the weight of riders to ensure that the ride runs at the correct speed during testing. The train is Batmobile inspired so features mostly blacks and greys.
Those seats look very comfortable, and very open.
That's a good sign to see!
Old pavement is torn up for what will become the ride entrance.
The bottom of the first drop uses the natural slope to reach right down to the nearby ground level.
Wheels on the rails, magnetic brakes (with blue and red markings for polarity) and a flat tread for drive tyres to grip onto in the station and maintenance areas. Think those tyres along the ghost train section of Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster.
Are we sick of seeing this train yet?
The only thing better than a stationary roller coaster train is one that moves...
And there we have it! The first train ever to crest the hill of Rivals.
A perfectly good front row seat goes to waste.
The train heads down the crazy first drop.
This is going to be insane.
Picking up speed.
Into the first giant airtime moment of the ride: the camel back hill.
And into the non-inverting loop for another burst of airtime.
The Stengel dive... no airtime here.
The twisted middle section of the coaster which is all about speed and rapid-fire turns.
Twisting... and airtime.
A few bits and pieces left, but it's clear that we now have a complete and operational coaster. There's only a few short weeks of testing and it'll be open.
This was spotted on the highway near Movie World. New 'Red Dog' themed Mack coaster coming to Movie World in 2018?????

Today's testing is the first in what will be many, many more cycles to come. Much of this will be with test dummies like we saw today, before engineers, staff and eventually the general public gets to take a spin on Rivals.

DC Rivals HyperCoaster is due to open in October 2017.

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