The Parkz Update: Construction of Voodoo at Funfields

On the eve of its launch, we take a look back at the construction of Voodoo at Funfields, a Zamperla Discovery Revolution.

Image: Luke Fazio. Voodoo is a Zamperla Discovery Revolution at Fundields in Whittlesea, Victoria.

Following on from last week's construction update of Gravity Wave at Funfields, we take a look back at the last few months of construction progrees on Voodoo.

Both attractions open tomorrow, Saturday 21 October at Funfields.

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Voodoo is located between the Kraken Racer and the Go-Karts at the back of the park.
Ground works started in April, and the concrete slab poured in May.
By the start of August brick walls and columns were laid around the ride footprint.
The slab sits quite high closest to the go-karts, due to the hilly terrain of the park.
August saw the delivery of the ride from Zamperla. This is one of four 'feet' the support columns sit on.
The boarding platform.
This is the maintenance platform that will allow access to the ride’s electric motor.
Seats have arrived.
The rides four support columns and the lower half of the pendulum arm.
The ride’s motor.
Meet the counterweight. It is instrumental in helping the ride perform its unique inverting manoeuvre.
The ride was shipped from Italy in pieces, and assembled in Australia like a giant meccano set. If you assemble those pieces get this!
Voodoo is a 16-person Zamperla Discovery Revolution.
The ride features Zamperla’s new slimline restraint design.
Rockwork sculpting started mid August, turning the bland concrete walls into the ride's themed surroundings.
Over the course of a month, a team of rockwork artists transformed ordinary brick walls and columns into ancient temple ruins.
An example of how the rockwork is built up with layers of a special concrete/render mix.
The queue path to the right, and exit stairs to the left.
The detail is superb.
By mid-September the majority of the rockwork had been completed.
Colour and weathering effects being added.
Little touches like this balancing rock make the effect very believable.
It looks as if the ride gondola has smashed through the temple wall!
The queue area is separated from the Go Karts by a large fence.
Up goes the shade structure.
Bamboo fencing was installed around the ride at the beginning of October.
The entry sign.
Looking down at the queue area from the entrance. The queue railings have been added.
The main queue area. The fence has been lined with bamboo trees that will grow over time. Wooden fencing, shade sails and themeing still to be added.
Riders will be able to watch the ride operate as they queue.
Disney-standard rockwork? You be the judge.
Thematic props started to appear early October.
The ride gondola amongst the themeing.
Mid October saw the addition of an entrance safety sign.
The queue line is now contained by a dilapidated wooden fence.
Nearby pathways have been freshly paved and garden beds planted.
Voodoo opens tomorrow, Saturday 21 October.

Voodoo is the only inverting pendulum ride in an Australian themepark. It will swing sixteen riders completely upside down, whilst spinning them 360 degrees. Complementing the thrills, the ride also features some impressive themeing and an overarching story.

The ride opens alongside Gravity Wave tomorrrow at Funfields in Whittlesea, Victoria.

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