The Parkz Update: Sea World Carnivale 2019

Carnivale returned to Sea World for 2019 and once again offered a wide variety of vibrant performances, food and the return of the Aquacolour Spectacular.

Parkz was a guest of Sea World for Carnivale however all opinions are our own,

For 2019, the formula for Carnivale remains largely unchanged. Last year's big change the Aquacolour Spectacular returns with a new show and many of the same familiar performers, foods and props return.

What we see instead is many minor tweaks and changes to Carnivale with welcome additions such as a second Aquacolour show that ensures more in attendance can get a good vantage point.

Many of the familiar food and drink options return though it's still a noticeably stripped back affair compared to the overflowing array of options that existed when the event took place at Movie World.

Carnivale returned to Sea World for its third summer in a row.
Like past years, the event is concentrated on the Plaza area.
The food options this year are rather unchanged and still lacking compared to the event's early years at Movie World.
The entertainment too remains fairly unchanged from past years.
However save for a few roaming bands, this year's Carnivale lacked the live music element from previous years.
Performers appear and disappear haphazardly throughout the night with no discernible schedule. Ostensibly it's to create a spontaneous atmosphere, but all that really happens is most people miss the majority of the night's performances.
Just metres from the overcrowded Plaza sits this unused stage which would make a great home for live music performances and other acts that would benefit from a sitting audience.
Sky Flyer puts the carnival in Carnivale for 2019.
The ride is vibrant, though rather out of place at Sea World.
Sky Flyer's structure dominates the skyline at night.
The children's rides of Nickelodeon Land always look great after dark.
Staple props of past Carnivales return.
The old Movie World floats sit rather unloved at the front of Sea World, detached from the rest of the atmosphere and excitement.
A handful of nights in January just isn't enough. A park this beautiful and close to Surfers Paradise should open its doors for more night events throughout the year.
By concentrating the whole event on the Plaza, the event feels busy but it perhaps overwhelms the performances when at any given point there are more people queuing for food or looking for a table than there are soaking up the atmosphere.
Southern style fried chicken.
Pulled beef burger.
The dessert options are unchanged from last year with key lime and apple pies.
The key lime pie is great and definitely true to Carnivale's original brief of delivering vibrant food offerings that are a bit off the beaten track for Australians.
The apple pie is confusingly served refrigerated instead of warm, which undermines this otherwise great dessert.
Sea Jellies Illuminated illuminates the front of the park.
And it wouldn't be Carnivale without that rage-inducing spacing between letters. Some day they'll realise that the R and A are meant to hang under the adjacent N and V.
The Aquacolour Spectacular show this year starts with a display of fire twirling.
The show this year is shorter and also cuts out some of the more extraneous elements like the jet-pack performers, which results in a show that feels a little more focused.
The only criticism of Aquacolour Spectacular might be that it feels a little too pre-packaged, rather than a show that captures the heart and soul of Sea World and Carnivale.
The show however is visually stunning and makes great use of the lake. With two performances it ensured everyone was able to get a good vantage point in the main stadium seating, and parents with younger kids could have an earlier night.
After the show the performers return which is an oddly anticlimactic way to end the Aquacolour Spectacular. It'd perhaps make more sense to give them the farewell they deserve before the show, not after.