The Parkz Update: Leviathan wooden roller coaster nears completion at Sea World

Leviathan is nearing completion at Sea World with most of the ride's complex, twisted layout in place.

Image: Parkz. It's clear we've got a great coaster on our hands at Sea World.
Most of Leviathan's layout is complete.
Here you can see just how low set most of the layout is compared to the size of the first drop. Riders can be assured a fast paced ride from start to finish and a constant sense of speed with the wooden structure flying past around them.
From the Nickelodeon Land, it's apparent just how nice the timber of the ride looks against the surrounding vegetation. Relatively few wooden coasters exist in subtropical climates, so there is a real opportunity here for Sea World to really continue the landscape and create one of the best looking wooden coasters out there.
The layout combines all of M&V / Gravity Groups signature manoeuvres, from airtime hills to their pioneering 90 degree banked turns, which were previously unseen prior to 2005 (The first wooden coaster to feature a 90 degree banked turn was Hades at Mt Olympus, Wisconsin)
Even though not all of the track is in place, we have enough of the bones of the layout to get a sense of the finished product now.
The airtime should be pretty strong on this considering the hill is about half the height of the first drop.
Out on Sea World Drive you can get a sense of the rest of the layout.
The 'cathedral' structure bracing the first turn.
One of the best moments will probably be the double down, a couple of quick downhill hops with some slight banking side to side, so riders will be lifted up in their seats and sway side to side.
That's not a pirate flag on the coaster. In fact, they are flags with black and white variants of the Village Roadshow logo. There seems to be a view that visitors care about this corporate branding within an Atlantis themed zone.
If all goes well, Leviathan will be up and running within 6 months.
And here's the view from the entrance to the New Atlantis Precinct, which is still waiting on Trident to complete the vista.
Vortex now has proper metal property boxes attached to the fence, with covers to stop items getting wet. (They're similar to the ones at Batwing and Surfrider)
Sea World seagull sanctuary in the New Atlantis Precinct.
Jet rescue underwent some extensive works, including reconstruction of some footings. They've also added this nicely colour coordinated catwalk just before the final brakes.
A new big screen in the Plaza area. Because this area doesn't get used for many live shows, nor is there a collection of Warner Bros. cartoons to lean on here, it ends up showing advertising most of the time.
Putting a bulging corflute print of some old style windows on a building doesn't help make the theming look more realistic.
Vikings Revenge April 2021, no changes to report. Still an eyesore in the middle of the park.
What has previously bee a small arcade and custom baseball cap shop is now a hole-in-the-wall fish and chippery. It works well having parents able to sit just that little bit closer to their kids on the Nickelodeon rides.

Couldn't Thunder Lake Stunt Show.

Thunder Lake Stunt Show attempts to flesh out the Jet Stunt Extreme show that preceded it, with a bit more of a storyline, and some very cheesy dialogue. Hollywood Stunt Driver on water, more or less.
It features a return of many classic water ski stunts that were once a staple of the long running ski show – no ski pyramid unfortunately. But there is also a bit of freestyle BMX jammed in to one side for some reason.
Spoiler: Truckboat turns up at the end for the grand finale.
The sun sets on Leviathan at Sea World.