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The bracing is just an interim step while the ride sits dormant. And they're not needed everywhere -- just in spots where there might be too much expansion of the woods.
Spacers run along much of the ride's course. This is to ensure the track keeps its shape and retains its tight tolerances as the timber settles.
The first crossover point happens just metres into the ride, with track narrowly passing overhead on the lift hill.
Out of the station comes a gentle downward twist into the lift hill.
The track on wooden coasters is assembled from layers of southern yellow pine. It's incredibly simple yet effective in its design, which is why it's essentially unchanged in a century.
From within the structure is this unique view, affectionately dubbed 'The Cathederal'. Unfortunately it won't be accessible when the ride is operational.
The sheer amount of timber supporting the lift hill is impressive up close.
Each beam is numbered for ease of identification during construction as well as maintenance and repairs in years to come.
Stainless steel anchors are a unique investment that ensure the ride can withstand decades of weather and the salty air at Sea World
Leviathan is one of the first wooden coasters in the world to feature a single concrete slab for the entire ride.
The steel rails that the trains will run are installed, with a bit of surface rust that will quickly disappear once the ride is operational and oil and friction does its thing.
Trying to make sense of the twisted mess of track is a testament to just how tightly packed its course is.
It's straight into this sharply banked turn to the right after the first drop.
The first drop is nice and straight, allowing riders to get a great sense of the building speed.
There's a total of ten crossover points where riders will experience a close call 'head-chopper' moment.
An incredible lattice structure supports the track and braces it for the heavy g-forces it will be subjected to as the train races by.
'The Wall'
The queue will be themed, but not in such a way that it'll obstruct the view of the ride.
Incredible, near-vertical banking on these twists and turns give an idea of just how fast you'll be travelling along these low sections of track.
The queue will be located within the ride envelope. A large shade structure will be suspended from the central footing, giving a relatively unobstructed view of the ride from the queue.