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Pelicans from the adjacent enclosure also make an appearance, paddling over for a feed.
The main show follows a comedic storyline, however at the present time the park is running a "behind the scenes" presentation explaining seal behaviours and training.
Seal Guardians is one of a long line of Seal Shows.
All that needs to happen now is the installation of mechanical systems, and of course, some trains on the track.
The final turns and final brakes are done. The bit of galvanised steel track on the left is the maintenance bay / storage track.
Leviathan from across the Dolphin Nursery (Now with added shade).
The entrance experience at Sea World still remains a downfall. The first impression is one of clutter rather than a wide welcoming entry. Once you get under the roof, you are moved through a photo area, and filter through the ticket booth area. Compared with Movie World, there is no quick way for prepaid ticket or passholders holders to bypass all this and get in easily, so a few guests asking questions or making a purchase can hold up the whole entry line.
A new menu offering from Village Bean is a Choc Banana frappe.
The bit of track with orange on the bottom left is right at the end of the course. Look closely and you can see the ride actually concludes with a mini bunny hop. Should be a good little kicker to round out the ride.
Vortex as seen from Dockside Tavern.
No works have commenced yet on the station building, in contrast to Steel Taipan, station up at Dreamworld, which already is well underway.
What we are nicknaming the triple cross.
A new perspective of Leviathan from Sea World Drive.
As of June 2021, progress has slowed in the New Atlantis area. Currently there is no sign of work on the site of Trident.
Social Distancing means lines to get into the indoor exhibits.
Guests can pose in front of this promotional graphic for Space Jam: A new Legacy.
Time will tell what new attraction will appear here.
It creates a bit of a quiet zone, but its strange they opt to keep this open instead of corralling everyone down Main Street.
Despite the closure of Arkham Asylum coaster, the area leading to the entrance is still very much open.
When the precinct opened, guests could purchase RFID wristbands to activate the interactive games and effects. The park then eventually attached wristbands on cords to allow guests to use these for free. As of June 2021, these free wristbands are gone, and with the shop closed, there is no way for guests to get a wristband to use these!