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Drive tyres are used to bring the train to a stop.
There's a great collection of villains costumes, from Bain to the Jokers nurse outfit.
A significant area is devoted to the more recent Batman Trilogy, which commenced with "Batman Begins".
Classic Batmobile.
The rarely seen Bat Bullet.
Ever gunning for a marketing tagline, the exhibit bills itself as "The largest official Warner Bros. Batman exhibition in the southern hemisphere", according to the park website.
The 90s era Batmobile and Batwing.
The flamboyant Riddler and Two Face.
Mr Freezes vehicle, the "Freeze Truck"
The armoured helmet from Batman vs Superman.
Batman vs Superman
Mr Freeze, as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for numerous bad puns such as "Let's kick some ice" and "My condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy"
Robin's gadgets.
Batman & Robin.
A collection of bat masks. They could perhaps light them a bit better since it's hard to pick up the details in the gloom.
As you'd expect the main exhibition space has several sub sections devoted to contemporary Batman films.
The Penguins "Duck Boat" from Batman Returns.
Mark of Zorro was the film Bruce Wayne saw before his parents were murdered.
Batman Legacy is the latest exhibit to be hosted at the WB Studio Showcase, launching Summer 2021/22