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Artist's impression of The Flash Speed Force, coming to Warner Bros. Movie World in early 2024.
The ride has two operation modes, a less intense half swing mode, and a more intense 360 revolution with seat flipping.
Rebel is an "inversion" ride from KMG.
All three coasters in 2022.
The flowrider is an extra cost experience, though it is also included with certain annual passes.
The tower from the car park.
As of 2023, the water park has a single slide tower.
Over and under each other.
A unique feature is the "Lift Blasta". A dedicated lift to the top for Express Q pass holders.
One yellow, one purple, they both feature tight turns and spirals.
A pair of quite speedy body slides
There are open air flume sections at the start and end, with a helix at the midpoint.
The entrance.
Red Belly Racer is a 4 lane RallyRacer from Proslide.
Project Zero looms over The Break.
Shaded deck chair area.
The Break is Gumbuyas wave pool.
The central hub of the park was painted in bright colours in late 2022.
In high winds, Trident's tower will be tied down to these anchor points that surround the ride.