It's hot, humid, but at least the crowds are gone. Parkz sweats it out at Dreamworld to catch up on the latest happenings.

It's stinking hot at the moment, even the emu can't be bothered standing up!.

No, we're not copying the VRTP graphical style at all! Honest!

Heading past the Central Cafe, we saw this Peacock making the male Ibis jealous and the females aroused.

Unfortunately we missed the Holiday Shrektacular, but here's a picture of the stage being taken down.

We turn around and see that work continues on Dreamworlds updated kids area.

Stay tuned for the latest happenings on Facebook, according to the fence wrap...Or hey, just stay right here on Parkz.

The beginnings of a walkway between a couple of bodies of water. It should mark a nice entrance to the area.

Over in the heart of the area, we're still wondering what this building could be? Some sort of Shrek inspired fairytale building? Or perhaps some Kung Fu Panda chinese pagodas?

No doubt a large new graphic is destined for this wall.

Shockwave is also having work done on it.

And on to another "Shock". We spotted this effect for the first time at the end of the toxic waste tunnel in the Tower of Terror queue. It gives the impression the frayed wires are arcing.

We'll take a quick peek over at Buzzsaw while we're here.

A new town billboard has popped up in the middle of Gold Rush.

One of the things on the billboard is a notice explaining the dangers of the Buzzsaw Sawmill, but still, no reference to the orignal backstory from the rides marketing.

In the queue for Buzzsaw we've now got fans, making the shed slightly less of an oven. The TV screens are still not working as intended though.

We'll conclude this Parkz update with a shout out to everyone celebrating Lunar New Year!