Mr Moon Opens Wide

Several years and $100 million later, Luna Park in Sydney once again shines.

There's no longer the Big Dipper - either the original 1930's wooden coaster that was destroyed in the late 1970's, or the Arrow Dynamics steel coaster that now lives at Dreamworld - but there is still a collection of classic rides that will keep any theme park enthusiast happy.

The highlight ride would be the Wild Mouse, one of only around five wooden Mouse coasters still operating today, two others of which are in Australia. This classic features the sharp turns and dips you expect from a Wild Mouse plus the added tilting around the turns and leaving the track on the bunny hills, caused by the unique mushroom-bolt upstop system.

There are several other rides in the park, including the Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Spider, Tango Train, Dodgems, Tumble Bug (not the original Harry Traver ride), Ranger UFO and Rotor, which gives the park a capacity of up to around 5,500 people per hour, an excellent figure for a park of its size.

Not to be missed of course is Coney Island at the far end of the park. This classic style fun house features a range of old fashioned rides and attractions.

Luna Park is also set to become a premier Sydney venue for functions with two function halls and the Big Top - a venue suitable for live music, theatre that is bound to become a well known venue around the world.

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