Buzzsaw ride, Dreamworks coming to Dreamworld as CEO departs

Dreamworld's plans for their 30th Anniversary have been mapped out by outgoing CEO Noel Dempsey, with the Gold Coast theme park set to launch a new partnership to replace Nickelodeon Central and open their second ride for 2011.

Image: Parkz. Buzzsaw... Dreamworld's second ride for 2011.

Dreamworld's 30th plans have been hotly discussed by Parkz forum members, with only two things certain: that the debut of Shockwave was to be followed up with a Maurer Sohne X-Coaster, and that Nickelodeon Central was on its way out.

With the revelation by Parkz today that the coaster due to open in September will be named Buzzsaw – as revealed by a trademark application by the park's owners Ardent Leisure – Parkz members have begun digging, with revelations confirming rumours of a Dreamworks partnership to replaceme Nickelodeon Central.

The park's 30th annniversary advertising currently includes industrial saw teaser footage for the previously unnamed ride. With the trademark application for Buzzsaw, the ride's name and theme seem to be coming together as quickly as its rapid vertical construction. No word yet on whether Bunnings-sourced circular saw blades will be attached to the ride queue walls with zip-ties, or rather with a more permanent bolted solution.

Outgoing CEO Noel Dempsey has obviously been brushing up his resume, with Parkz member 'Spotty' finding a LinkedIn profile from the executive confirming most of the 2011 additions, including Buzzsaw's name and the forthcoming Dreamworks affiliation.

Buzzsaw is due to open in September, with full details of the Dreamworks partnership currently under wraps.

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