Dreamworld's Log Ride reopens

Dreamworld's classic Rocky Hollow Log Ride has been given the all-clear and today resumed operations following an incident on Sunday.

Image: Parkz.
  • 35 year old Dreamworld classic was closed following Sunday's incident
  • Individual was reported to have ignored clearly displayed safety warnings by standing up mid-ride
  • Media outlets incorrectly referred to the ride's temporary closure as permanent

A young man was reported to have fallen from the ride's log-shaped boats on one of the ride's conveyor belt lifts on Sunday, resulting in hospitalisation and the temporary closure of the ride while the incident was investigated.

As has become commonplace with temporary theme park attraction shutterings, the media gave the incident significant attention distinctly lacking in facts or noteworthy insight. Major Gold Coast radio station 90.9 Sea FM, part of the Southern Cross Austero network, even erroneously declared the attraction closed for good in a bewildering misinterpretation and synthesis of facts.

Dreamworld released the following brief statement on their Facebook page today:

Dreamworld management will re-open the park’s Log Ride today having received the ‘all clear’ from independent and Worksafe Queensland inspectors following an incident that occurred on the ride last weekend. Guest safety has always been and remains Dreamworld’s number one priority and we have a standard process that we follow to ensure any incident is investigated thoroughly.

Dreamworld Facebook

There is no indication that the ride was at fault, or that any changes have been made to the ride's operating procedures.