Adventure World gears up for MI3 in 2017

Adventure World in Perth have suggested that the 2016/17 season will focus more on improvements after a mammoth couple of years that saw the launch of the critically acclaimed roller coaster Abyss and the record breaking water slide Kraken, but 2017/18 is already shaping up as CEO Mark Shaw drops the first hints about MI3.

Image: Parkz. Almost the only thing we know for sure about 2017's MI3 is that it isn't a B&M like this.

It's not a B&M but MI3 –Codenamed MI3, Maximum Impact 3 – and following on from MI1 (Abyss) and MI2 (Kraken) – and the exact nature of the 2017 attraction is yet to be known, but Adventure World CEO and Parkz community member Mark Shaw has added fuel to the speculation with the first hints and confirming the attraction is on its way.

"MI3 is on the verge of being decided for next winter," Shaw posted on Parkz last month. He later confirmed that a $4 million spend for the new season also includes the deposit for MI3.

Most ride manufacturers require a deposit well in advance of the delivery and construction in order to secure the attraction in their production schedule. A lead time of 1-2 years is not uncommon with many popular ride types.

No B&M nor indoor coaster

All we know is what it's not so far, with Shaw also confirming that it's not a roller coaster from renowned Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, nor is it an indoor coaster.

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Those hoping and praying for Australia's first B&M roller coaster or another major roller coaster on this level will have to wait for another MI project.

I think you will like the addition but it's not quite up there with a B&M or indoor coaster.

Mark Shaw, Adventure World CEO

The 2016/17 season – due to kick off 22 September – won't see the park adding any major attractions, but Adventure World is spending big on improvements and will see the Free Fall attraction renamed to Inferno.

"Watch out for some changes to water mountain over the winter ... I can also confirm the Café is about to have a makeover this winter."

The park is also currently building a new dedicated entrance for Season Pass members to address some of many bottlenecks in the park as a result of significant attendance growth in recent years.