Topgolf construction moves forward as parts arrive at Oxenford site

Corrugated steel that will form Topgolf's iconic targets have arrived at Warner Bros. Movie World, appearing alongside pieces of roller coaster track as these two separate major projects move forward with construction.

Image:, Topgolf Alpharetta, GA. Players aim microchipped balls at these giant targets on the Topgolf outfield.

The curved steel components will be set into the ground to form giant circular targets on the Topgolf outfield.

Despite their proximity, these steel parts have nothing to do with the roller coaster under construction at Movie World.

These curved sections of corrugated steel will form the outer ring of the circular targets.

Forum photo by themagician

The components have been shipped from AK Steel, a West Chester, Ohio steel manufacturer;  they are the same as seen on other Topgolf installations around the world. A recent Topgolf project in Fort Worth, Texas demonstrates these components in place.

Hatches with ladders will allow maintenance access to the targets, which contain extensive technical and lighting components.
Forum photo by themagician

Players at Topgolf aim microchipped balls at a number of giant circular targets on the outfield to score points and measure distance, making it a vastly different experience from your average driving range. The concept has an emphasis on food, drinks and socialising.

The Gold Coast Topgolf is expected to open in 2018. The $35 million destination is the first of eight that Village Roadshow hopes to open in Australia in an exclusive partnership with USA-based Topgolf.

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