The Parkz Update: Getting up close with DC Comics super-villains at Warner Bros. Movie World

As Movie World puts finishing touches on DC Rivals HyperCoaster, we take a detailed look at the standard set in 2016 when the theme park launched their most impressively themed attraction in years, Doomsday Destroyer and the surrounding DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed precinct.

Doomsday Destroyer was something of an unexpected attraction. Word surfaced about DC Rivals HyperCoaster as far back as November 2015, so when Warner Bros. Movie World started work on a complete redevelopment of Boot Hill Graveyard, one of the few remaining attractions from the park's 1991 opening, it took many by surprise.

DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed is what became of the redevelopment; in the space of eight months Movie World constructed the most elaborately themed and immersive area of the park since perhaps 1998's Wild West Falls. The area opened in September 2016.

DC Rivals HyperCoaster is now only weeks – potentially days – away from opening, we take a look at the incredible detail that fills DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed, and set a new benchmark for DC Comics theming.

Comic-within-a-comic. Blaze Comics is the imprint within the DC world. Just don't try to think about whether Blaze Comics Super-Villains Unleashed exists at a theme park in the DC Comics world, or your head will explode.
Bizarro is a nemesis of Superman known for speaking in opposite.
In Super-Villains Unleashed Bizarro stands on a police car and tears apart the Ace-O-Clubs bar, as Super-Villains are wont to do.
Looks like someone wasn't very lucky at the blackjack table. Always split aces and eights, Bizarro!
Jumping on a police car outside a bar speaking incoherently? Also known as "first night of schoolies". Someone get this guy some water and a red frog...
Mist factors heavily in the effects throughout DC Super-Villains Unleashed.
There's carnage throughout the Metropolis inspired area.
Scarecrow is perhaps best known to modern audiences as the villain in Batman Begins.
The detail on these sculptures is superb.
Scarecrow pumps his mind-altering gasses into the air every few minutes.
Killer Croc tears up the plumbing.
Landscaping and theming blends seamlessly into one.
Through motion capture, guests with an RFID wristband can control the flow of water using body movements.
Killer Croc was featured in 2016's Suicide Squad film.
Captain Cold is a lesser-known villain who is commonly an enemy to The Flash.
When he's not causing trouble for The Flash, he's here blasting liquid nitrogen onto unsuspecting guests.
Gorilla Grodd is another enemy to The Flash.
He's just your average evil, super-intelligent ape. Not to be confused with Trump, the average, evil and unintelligent ape.
Visitors with RFID wristbands can destroy the interior of Big Belly Burger with their gorilla might.
Poison Ivy, an enemy of Batman is equal parts seductress and eco-terroist.
The animatronic flowers let off a sweet perfume scent, a great touch in an area full of so many little details.
This side of the precinct feels like a more industrial part of the city.
Lex Luthor wreaks havoc by sabbotaging the city's electricity supply.
At Metron Motors guests scan their RFID band and use motion capture to smash up an expensive display car, guided by Sinestro and Parallax using the yellow power of fear.
At Captain Cold's RFID station, guests play a simple pipe joining mini game to activate the cold blast from the tanker.
A comic book themed area wouldn't be complete without a hole smashed in a red brick wall.
Doomsday towers over the area on his namesake ride.
The incredibly photogenic entrance is a testament to the detail and quality of theming of the area.
There's little doubt that this is the best ride signage in Australia.
Doomsday Destroyer is the centerpiece of Super-Villains Unleashed.
It's the first adult flat ride to be built at Movie World.
The control booth of the ride is modelled after a Subway surface building.
The overflow queue sits beyond the shade of the elevated railway.
The Joker features voice performances by Mark Hamill specially recorded for the attraction.
Explosives on hand as The Joker and Harley Quinn set about robbing the bank.
The Joker and Harley Quinn are attempting to get into the bank.
So what better way to do that than by involving guests with a dynamite-laced strength tester?
The Joker's explosives blend seamlessly into the western area at Movie World.
And from the western area the Super-Villains Unleashed buildings blend into the skyline.

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