Dreamworld proceeds to remove the Mine Ride's mountain

Dreamworld today announced the removal of the mountain that surrounds the long-defunct Eureka Mountain Mine Ride. This move spells the end of the decaying foam mountain, but not the ride.

Image: Parkz. The decaying Eureka Mountain looks set to be removed, though the ride system will remain in tact.

Eureka Mountain Mine Ride closed in November 2006. But its steadily decaying remains have remained, causing years of criticism, speculation and uncertainty.

Dreamworld today left a short Facebook message that indicates that work is commencing on the removal of this longstanding eyesore.

In 2015 Parkz reported that plans were underway to reopen the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride after a decade of closure that saw the ride collect dust and the mountain surrounding it literally rot. With the shocking accident on the neighbouring Thunder River Rapids which killed four riders, the fate of the Mine Ride was unsure.

But a press release from Dreamworld in June indicated that plans to resurrect the Mine Ride were still underway.

Dreamworld's message today deliberately spells out that the work extends only to the mountain covering the ride.

The removal of the mountain – but at this stage not the ride system – indicates that this project continues.

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