Monkey Madness comes to Paradise Country

Monkey madness has come to Paradise Country just in time for the school holidays with a troop of adorable marmosets arriving to the park.

Image: Paradise Country.

The marmosets will reside at Paradise Country in a specially-designed habitat located in the heart of the park, at the Farmhouse Restaurant.

Guests will soon be able to experience an enchanting encounter with the cheeky monkeys and watch on as they explore, feast and interact within their new exhibit.

Paradise Country Curator of Wildlife, Deane Jones said the marmosets are an exciting addition to the animal family.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome the marmosets to Paradise Country and we can’t wait for our guests to watch as they get up to their mischievous antics in their all new state-of-the-art habitat,” he said.

“They are very inquisitive animals with each having their own individual personality and we are looking forward to seeing their group dynamic come to life right here at the park.

“Marmosets are the smallest members of the new world monkey family and grow to about 250 grams with their diet consisting of insects, fruits and vegetables.

“With over 60% of the world’s primate species currently threatened with extinction, the marmosets will join Paradise Country’s Save A Mate Program as ambassadors for their wild counterparts and help raise awareness, funds and conservation efforts.”

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