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  1. jacinta

    Bush Poets

    does anybody have any bush poets?
  2. jacinta

    carnival photos

    here are some carnival photos from the past.
  3. jacinta


    ive got the rainbow here in my shed and i will be travelling it very soon. here is a photos of my rainbow cum and see :
  4. jacinta


    you all will see gust wait because i have very good news to tell
  5. jacinta


    I went past the ekka showgrounds yesterday and i was amazed that some rides are already there plus the taipan is there and the space roller is being set up. And some of the rides are in different spots too
  6. jacinta

    Ekka 2006

    the ekka is just around the corner here are some of the new rides Sideshow Alley has been renamed to Moove Alley this year. Their site is mentioning five new rides: F1 Euro Slide Take the kids, or go it alone, as this racing-themed slide is the largest portable one of its kind in the world, at 8 lanes across, 60 metres long and 20 metres high. Extreme Speed Get in early, as with a gravity force of 3.6Gs, this giant rotating arm has proved extremely popular at other events. Space Roller Ekka is proud to house the only Space Roller ride in Australia, and with its five individual rotating arms, it's suitable for both adults and kids. No Limit (Furioso) Not for the faint-hearted, No Limit seats eight people at a time; and with a gravity force of 5Gs, is reputed to simulate an F1 11! Insanity This 40 metre tall ride is the tallest and fastest of its type in the world. Riders are harnessed in an open chair; the platform is lowered; and within one revolution the ride has reached in excess of 120 kilometres per hour! Adults entry tickets are $21 this year.
  7. jacinta

    Rainbow Ride photos

    hello does anyone have any photos of the Rainbow ride from years ago?