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  1. There are not 100 posts. I don't see what the problem is. Its not like I post a topic on it everyday. I only posted again because I thought they might have sent more out because easter is over. Why can't you just read the title, think "that doesn't interest me" then move on, no big deal.
  2. vouchers that they aren't going to use? Is so, I would love to use them and could you please PM me. Thank-you
  3. I don't understand why people think its cheap to want to save money. Especially when its spending $1344 on theme parks. I only earn $200 a week. My family and I really want to go, so is it really such a bad thing me wanting to save a bit of money?
  4. No worries PattieBoi, Iguess you understand now why I need the vouchers.
  5. Sorry about that, didn't realise that you could edit, and I wanted to add how many were going/didn't have voucher for.
  6. a 50% off voucher. I have a friend that is taking her daughter and her friends to Dreamworld this Sunday for her daughters birthday. She has one voucher which is for 4 people but she has 6 people going, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet her out the front and let a 2 of kids tag onto their vouchers? Any help would be greatly appreciated, please
  7. Yeah, was probably gonna use eBay as a last resort.
  8. I'm still after some sea world and movie workd vouchers if anyone has seen any.
  9. Hey coaster boy, just had a bit of a google search, is the name of the chinese restaurant "Oasis Chinese Buffet"?
  10. Yeah, I saw them but I was after the half price ones.
  11. Just curious becuase I never even heard of it, but then I saw some picture and it looked pretty cool, better than the cyclone.
  12. Thanks anyway Aiden, if you do happen to come across any can you let me know. Thanks Coaster Boy, for coming to my defense. Happy Birthday for the other day! I had a birthday recently too, the 28th Feb. 14? I feel so old, I just turned 22! Well I hope you had a great birthday I'll be sure to check out the Chinese all-you-can-eat., sounds good, and a decent price too. I hadn't even begun to think about what we're gonna do for food, so that will help. We're gonna be staying in Surfer's Paradise, but Broadbeach isn't far so that's good. Thanks again.
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