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  1. HI, In the disco part of scooby there are ride-ops that have small enclosed booths that are place out near the brake runs so when the ride dose breakdown they can access the carriages to be evacuate. the ride-ops on standby all were special harnesses that attach to the walkway platforms which sit next too the track in the brake sections (which are around about 6-7 of these) and in the two elevating platforms, when the ride needs to be evacuated the ride-ops walk to the carriage and then one by one unlocks the lap-bars, after being released you are told to follow the walkway to the exit doors which in this situation are clearly lit Once outside, you make your way down the stairs and follow a yellow line which will lead you back too the park. (when superman wasn't there lethal weapon had evacuation from the q-line which led out the back where superman is now, you can still see the yellow evacuation line painted on the tarmac) I must say it pretty exciting to breakdown on Scooby, you can see how far you are off the ground especially when in the elevator. :P oh and another thing about the elevating platforms, say you were on your way to the top in the elevator and the ride broke down, the the elevator still continues to the top so the ride-ops can evacuate you. Zane.
    Zane, How do you know about that? Like has it happened to you before? lol
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